Grandmother Doll Alice L. Bartels

ISBN: 9780613783781

Published: March 15th 2001



Grandmother Doll  by  Alice L. Bartels

Grandmother Doll by Alice L. Bartels
March 15th 2001 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9780613783781 | 6.32 Mb

Katy is having one of those days, and so is her mother. Katy has the flu, she cant go outside and she is hot, achy, and angry. Each time Katy goes to her room, she slams the door. Hard.Inside her room Katy is grumping about, complaining, when, out of the blue, a voice pipes up. Speaking to her is the Grandmother Doll, which belonged to Katys mother years ago.When Katy complains about not being allowed to watch TV, the Grandmother Doll mentions that she doesnt have a TV at all.

Katy thinks and then she goes to her junk box, where with a few simple things she finds there and a little inventiveness, she is able to make a TV for them both to watch.When Katy complains about not being allowed any more cookies, the Grandmother Doll remarks that she has no cookies at all. Back to the junk box Katy goes, and this time she makes a little stove for the Grandmother Doll. Quickly the doll bakes a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies. The two of them watch TV and eat cookies until they are full.Finally, when Katy complains that it is time to go to bed, the Grandmother Doll reminds Katy that she does not even have a bed.

Presto, Katy assembles a bed for the Grandmother Doll and sets it right beside her own. Before long they are both tucked in and fast asleep.Without Katy realizing it, she and the Grandmother Doll have passed an entire day playing together and all the grumpiness is forgotten. When Katys mother comes in to say goodnight, she spies the TV, smells the chocolate chip cookies, and sees the Grandmother Doll happily tucked into her new bed. Katys mom knows that the Grandmother Doll has been up to her old tricks again.

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